Winter Home Selling Tips


A common misconception is that the winter season is not a “good” time to sell. However, 2015 averaged more than a thousand homes sold every day. In many cases sellers who choose winter have some advantages that other seasons may lack. One reason is the low competition from other sellers. The likelihood of similarly constructed homes on the market is reduced. Secondly, the buyers tend to be more serious. Not many people want to window shop in less optimal weather conditions. Finally, both winter buyers and sellers can benefit from tax refunds, merit bonuses, and yearly raises. For many households this additional capital can provide down payments, repairs, updates, appliances etc.  

If you are considering selling in the winter here are some helpful hints:


  • Invest in new door knobs
  • Replace a damaged/aged mailbox 
  • Clear walkways and sidewalks 
  • Clean out planters, feeders, water features


  • Redecorate and declutter
  • Ensure your furnace and HVAC are inspected and working properly
  • Add attic insulation 
  • Minor paint projects 

Small improvements to the appearance and feel of your home could drastically increase your chances of selling your home in the winter. A local realtor is always a good resource for more specific enhancements that could aid in selling your home in the winter.

For those in the Portland, OR area contact me at or 503-890-1935. I take great pride in what I do and I’m excited for the opportunity to work with you!


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